Organizing Committee

Prof. Spickett has been a lecturer on 2 previous Free Radical Summer Schools in Spetses (2008 and 2012). She has organized 2 Biochemical Society (UK) Focus Group Meetings (2011 and 2017), and as the treasurer of the Society for Free Radical Research - Europe has been involved in organization of many conferences and symposia. In 2014 she co-organized the pre-meeting training workshop at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine conference in Seattle. Together with Prof Pitt, she organized a COST CM1001 Workshop on Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Protein Oxidation for young researchers, involving both lectures and practical work. In 2012, she organized a meeting of the HNE-Club as a Satellite of SFRR-International 2012 in London.

Dr. Chondrogianni has co-organized the Free Radical Summer Schools held in Spetses in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. The summer schools in 2010 and 2016 both received FEBS funding. Moreover, Dr. Chondrogianni was one of the co-organizers of the 8th FEBS Young Scientists Forum (YSF) that took place in Loutraki in Greece before the main FEBS meeting in Athens in 2008.

Prof. Pitt has extensive experience of conference organization through his role as president of the British Society for Proteome Research. He was on the organizing committee of ISEC2008 and EuPA2012 (both held in Glasgow), and is the co-chair of HUPO2017 in Dublin. He co-organized the COST CM1001 Workshop on Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Protein Oxidation with Prof Spickett.

Prof. Caporossi is Associate Professor of Biology and Genetics in the Department of Health Science, University of Rome “Foro Italico”, and Chair of the Unit of Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry of Movement. She is a member of the SFRR-Europe Committee and of the ECSS (European College of Sport Science) Committee. She is an Associate Editor for European Journal of Sport Sciences. She graduated in Biological Sciences from “La Sapienza” University in Rome, followed by post-doc position in Rome and Hamilton (Canada), faculty position in Rome, and professorship at the “Tor Vergata” University and, lastly, at the “Foro Italico” University, in Rome, where she established a new research group working on the cellular and molecular basis of health-related physical activity. Her research interests are on the role of altered redox potential in the in vivo and in vitro induction of DNA damage and apoptosis, and on the involvement of free radicals in the signal transduction pathways of skeletal muscle cells. Recently, her group focused on physical activity-related changes on the expression of stress response proteins, pointing to the role of redox state in modulating the post-transcriptional regulation processes. Model systems of immune, skeletal and cardiac muscle cells are employed to investigate processes of alternative splicing and microRNA expression correlated to the oxidation of cellular components.


  • Professor Daniela Caporossi Professor Daniela Caporossi Department of Health Science, University of Rome “Foro Italico”,
  • Dr Niki  Chondrogianni Dr Niki Chondrogianni National Hellenic Research Foundation
  • Professor Andrew Pitt Professor Andrew Pitt School of Pharmacy, Aston University
  • Prof Corinne Spickett Prof Corinne Spickett Life and Health Sciences, Aston University


  • Mrs Debbie Toomeoks Mrs Debbie Toomeoks Life and Health Sciences, Aston University

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